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The work of Janet Robinson in Uganda – Read Janet’s story >

Since 1998 we have helped hundreds of people in Uganda…

We have given quality schooling to over 500 children

27 boys living on the streets have had an education and are gaining the skills to earn a living

Many widows and young people are qualified in tailoring, hairdressing and computing

We are now also training in carpentry

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But there is still so much more that needs to be done.

  • through the ravages of AIDS, many orphans live with ageing grandparents
  • crops fail, making life extremely hard
  • quality education is very limited
  • it is a constant struggle to get food and the bare essentials of life

As we help more people... we need more support

As we help more people... we need more support

We can give hope and a future to more of the World’s poorest people

Our vision is to have a complete school and vocational training centre

Every penny goes to the community
Transforming lives by providing a path to self-sufficiency
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