God sees value in Everybody

even people who others consider useless

Hosea’s story

Hosea writes, “I thank God for the gift of life He has given me. I thank God for Sister Janet and for Kingdom Life Church Ministry. In my life I have experienced many things in Uganda and some of them have been very difficult. My father was not stable and did not take care of us. My mother was the one who kept the family together and fed us. She became very sick when I was in Senior 4 and preparing for my O Level exams. This affected my performance as I had to care for her and the rest of my family. My mother died while I was in the middle of exams and I took one in the morning and buried her in the afternoon. This resulted in my only achieving a Grade 3 which was a great disappointment as my future now looked bleak.

When my mother died she left me with brothers and sisters who were still young and needing food and education. In that situation I had no work and no means to support them. I started looking for work and was told there was a job in Kasambira. It was Feb. 2007 when I started to help Sister Janet with housework, cleaning the compound and walking the dog. I worked like that for a year and with my wages and some help to educate my siblings we were ok  …………….


(Read the rest of Hosea’s story and how he is now Headmaster of Kingdom Life Primary School in Kasambira Miracle)

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Kasambira Miracle: The Story of Janet Robinson – eBook coming May 2018

In 1998 a midwife in England, Janet Robinson, recently retired due to disability, responded to the call from God to sell up and travel to Uganda which was impoverished after years of dictatorship.

Just what can God achieve through a retired, disabled yet obedient midwife? Read Janet’s amazing story in her upcoming book.

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