God sees value in Everybody

even people who others consider useless

Menya’s story

“In 1999 Sister Janet came to the market. Lots of us started going to her house for food, washing ourselves and our clothes. She would then teach us about Jesus and His love for us. She said we had not been born to live on a rubbish tip but God had a good purpose for each of us. Sister Janet was a caring mother to us all but especially to me. August 2000 she took me off the street and sent me to boarding school” …..

(Read the rest of Menya’s story and his deliverance from a Warrior Spirit in Kasambira Miracle)

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Kasambira Miracle: The Story of Janet Robinson – eBook coming May 2018


In 1998 a midwife in England, Janet Robinson, recently retired due to disability, responded to the call from God to sell up and travel to Uganda which was impoverished after years of dictatorship.

Just what can God achieve through a retired, disabled yet obedient midwife? Read Janet’s amazing story in her upcoming book.

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