Janet's Story

In 1998 a midwife in England, Janet Robinson, recently retired due to disability, responded to the call from God to sell up and travel to Uganda which was impoverished after years of tyrannical dictatorship.

Arriving in Busia she spent some time teaching in a local church but soon the plight of the boys living on the street compelled her to befriend them. Soon 40 were meeting with her weekly for food and general care. In April 2,000 she was able to take the first two off the street to live with her and go to school. Sponsorship from friends in England allowed 5 more to join them. Over the next couple of years sufficient funds enabled more boys to be helped until there were 24 in all.

One of Janet’s young helpers, Jackson, took her up to his village to introduce her to his family. Janet was struck by the desperate poverty of the village and felt moved to relocate, with the boys (now 27 in all), and do something for the villagers. Janet managed to get a few things together, a bowl, some soap and a little food to distribute. On receiving her bowl and contents one lady fell to her knees at Janet’s feet and said ‘ Praise God. He has not forgotten us!’

And so the miracle of Kasambira began.


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