The School

As the years passed Janet wondered why the children, sponsored from England to attend the local school, appeared to find it difficult to learn. She decided to open a nursery to teach the children English, as, at that time, all schooling was conducted in English even though it was not spoken in the local homes. Progress was good and the parents asked Janet to keep the children on.

And so the school was born!

Year on year a classroom was added until now a fully equipped , vibrant primary school is giving many children a good education, a first step towards self sufficiency for many.

All children have to pass an exam at the end of primary education before being allowed to enter senior school. Studying at home is hard. Chores, such as digging and fetching water, take up much time, and there is no electricity to allow evening study. To facilitate good results dormitories were built and boarding began for the older children. As well as improved opportunities for study the children are well fed , and healthier.

In all cultures there are some children that find it difficult to learn. Uganda has very little special needs provision and so the latest project is a purpose built unit which will educate and train students that need extra time and care.

With an eye to the future headmaster Hosea has begun an agricultural project. Starting with chickens and goats he is hoping to eventually build up a milking herd. Sales of milk will bring in much needed funds.

Another source of income is from students whose parents are able to pay for their education. This is increasing as people see the results.

Children are leaving the school with a solid foundation. Good food and good teaching combine to equip them well for the next phase, either a move on to the local secondary school or the opportunity for vocational training at the Hope Centre.

Help us continue to increase the lives we can change through the school. Please consider making a donation.

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