Helping people to help themselves


Local man and now director of the KLC Kasambira ministry, Jackson Kasadha, noticed the many youngsters hanging around the village. Having taken their education as far as they were able, and unable to afford to travel to college, they had come to a full stop.

He recognised the desperate need for a local vocational training centre.

It seemed an impossible dream but a local chicken farm with large buildings became available, funds from generous well wishers allowed the purchase, and the Hope Centre began.

The first course was tailoring and soon 20 widows and students were learning how to make garments. Since then many more people are now able to earn a living making school uniforms and other articles.

Joy, the course tutor, dreams of a workshop were participants are able to sell their products, earning both for themselves, and contributing towards the cost of the centre.

Computing was next, and, as with the tailoring, some of the learners are now employed.

Hairdressing is another course. Cheap and simple to set up, both at the centre and for the students themselves. As Jackson said to me “All you need is a head!”

In 2017, carpentry was started at the Hope vocational centre, where many people are eager to learn these skills.

Some people have expressed a wish to stay at the Centre and so a few basic rooms are available for rent, a useful source of income.

Four tents plus chairs have been bought. These are hired out for weddings and other functions, a first step towards self sufficiency. Eventually Jack hopes to teach catering and then a whole package could be hired.

But for now the mechanics/driving course is waiting in the wings, planned to begin as soon as funding & staff are available.

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